Despite the COVID 19 requirements and the NYS PAUSE we are considered an essential business.  However, we must remain vigilant and be strict about all the SOCIAL DISTANCING requirements.

Current Hours:  9am-5pm Monday – Saturday.  Closed Sunday.

Be safe, wear a mask and stay AT LEAST 6 feet from other customers and employees!

Have your glass separate from aluminum and plastic.  This will make things faster for you and for others.  And it is SAFER so it is not optional.  You can sort outside or at your car if needed – but no longer in the building.

Big orders, small orders, as long as the containers have the NYS redemption stamp, we take them all.

Please leave your trash at home!


2 replies on “WELCOME!”

Please come up with an idea to have bottle and can store bins on a trailer with a generator and go into subs. Print out receipts for customers to take to cash in. I have over 80 returns and with everyone else doing the same, it’s going to be crazy.

Hello Jennifer-

Thanks for the comment. With the way we are mechanized, 80-100 units only takes us a few minutes, and you get your cash right away. I would say you come by and check it out – we are much simpler than other redemption centers as we have machine counts for speed. It’s not hand counted or a vending service like the others.

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