Give back to your community through everyday recycling.

How Does it Work?

In addition to offering coordination with private social events and fundraising for local charities, Can Bottle Return assists with corporate events and fundraising for staff or specific causes that may be close to the messaging and heart of companies within Erie County. Our team is dedicated to furthering the ability of local businesses to reach their target goal in fundraising, employee incentives, or even the well-deserved employee party.  


We'll Come to Your Office!

Can Bottle Return will travel to buildings with multiple businesses that may be working together in their fundraising efforts. For example, we can leave bins for gathering the recyclables in employee break rooms or in general gathering areas, such entrances and exits to the building. 


If your corporation is involved in mass events, such as concerts and sporting events, Can Bottle Return can coordinate slogans that will impact your attendees and the likelihood of raising more funds. Whatever your fundraising situation is, Can & Bottle Return will help by giving you tips to piling up those collections.  

What Types of Events?

Whether it be a social event at home, such as a birthday or graduation party for a loved one, or a larger social event, our staff can guide you in how much you may need in bins and bags for the event you’re planning. There will be a minimal fee of $25 for the supplies needed for your event.  

Consult with us as you plan your big day, and we can assist you with your recycling needs for event planning. 

Customer Testimonials

  • "I will never go anywhere else again. I had over $20 of cans in plastic bags. They opened the bags, dumped it onto the conveyor belt, and less than a few minutes later I had a receipt; the cashier gave me my cash and I was on my way! It was clean, quick, and the staff was awesome...."

    - Ann M.

  • "Such a neat place. The machines are fascinating! My son returned $36 in bottles and cans to put toward new hockey gear, and this place was amazing! (It was ) fast -- about three minutes -- clean (and) easy. ... Would recommend this place over any other."

    - Kerry L.

  • "The staff are friendly, kind, and helpful. ... I would give 10 stars if I could. I can’t stress enough how well this business is run and how wonderful the staff is. What are you waiting for?!? Get your cans and bottles and get movin’!"

    - Amanda K.

Get in Touch

We here at Can Bottle Return love hearing from our customers. It makes us smile. We strive to do the same for you.